Five Basic Ways to Build Green

Energy Efficiency from Insulation Better wall insulation systems.  Sealing up box sills.  Foamed basement walls and crawlspace walls.  R-50 cellulose in the attic or a foamed conditioned space.  Sealing all walls and plates helps seal the house.  Pay a little more to the insulator now or pay the power company Forever!! Windows Always use a … Read more

Home Construction Steps

It’s important to understand the order of the basic steps to building a home so that the process can be planned and anticipated according to your wants and needs. Generally a home construction project follows these important steps: Decide on the general or specific location of the new home. Locate possible building sites in the … Read more

Construction Advice

Building a home is a project that can be exciting but it requires several steps of careful planning.   The handling of the lot preparation and layout, the house plans and all of the other options can be daunting. If you’re planning to build a new home and would like to speak with an experienced builder … Read more