Five Basic Ways to Build Green

Energy Efficiency from Insulation

  1. Better wall insulation systems. 
  2. Sealing up box sills. 
  3. Foamed basement walls and crawlspace walls. 
  4. R-50 cellulose in the attic or a foamed conditioned space. 
  5. Sealing all walls and plates helps seal the house. 
  6. Pay a little more to the insulator now or pay the power company Forever!!


  1. Always use a high quality window.
  2. Use at least Low-E, insulated glass, argon filled.
  3. Frame should have approximately the same coefficient of thermal expansion as glass to help eliminate stress cracks.
  4. Window surface area should be 8 -10% of the floor area of the house.
  5. Keep in mind lot orientation, and egress requirements.
  6. Improved Heating and Cooling System.
  7. Make proper insulation decisions because the heating and cooling systems are based on the heating and cooling load requirements.
  8. A properly sized furnace and air conditioner not only will work more efficiently but could be a size or two smaller than a typical unit.
  9. Have the heating contractor break down the costs and benefits of different Systems.
  10. Once again, pay the heating contractor a little now or the power company Forever.

Lighting and Appliances

  1. Compact Fluorescent (CFL) lighting can save about 75% of the cost of electricity over the lifetime of The bulbs.
  2. Use natural lighting when possible.
  3. Use energy star appliances or better when buying new.

Water and Waste

  1. Use high efficiency water heaters, dual flush toilets, and low flow rate faucets.
  2. Keeping construction waste to a minimum is essential these days.
  3. Modular construction helps reduce waste.