Home Construction Steps

It’s important to understand the order of the basic steps to building a home so that the process can be planned and anticipated according to your wants and needs. Generally a home construction project follows these important steps:

  • Decide on the general or specific location of the new home.
  • Locate possible building sites in the area you’re hoping to build.
  • Consider your needs in terms of space including style of home, living space, garages and other items.
  • Qualify your purchase with a lending institution if necessary. This can be done FIRST if you have an approximate idea for a budget in advance.
  • Discuss your ideas with a reputable home builder to help determine overall square footage, various floor plans and cost-per-square-foot based on various floor plans and designs.
  • Request a proposal from your builder that details the cost and other pertinent details of your project.

Meet with your builder to discuss the proposal and be prepared to ask questions. If you’re collecting numerous proposals, it will be wise to ask about the quality of insulation, windows and doors specified as well as other items that are important to you. Remember that the insulation and greener-built buildings are less expensive to heat and cool, are more airtight, and are less penetrable by pests such as insects, mice and other pests.  It’s also important to note that a building insulated and sealed up properly protects the structure of the home.  These homes will last much longer, settle much less and will cost comparatively less money to maintain.

Contact us if you’re planning to build a new home in the area.  We’ll appreciate the opportunity to help you in any way that we can.