Insulation Techniques

One of the most basic ways to Build Green is to have proper insulation.

And not just in the walls and attic! Mumm Construction makes it their mission to insulate every nook-and-cranny in your new home. Below, you’ll see examples of what we’ve done in the past and how we’re able to build super-insulated homes that save you money on your energy bills over the life of your home.


Plate Sealing

Sealing Between Studs

Drywall Behind Shower

Insulate Pockets

Open Cell Foam Insulation in Box Sill

Cellulose in Walls

Set Up for Solar Wiring

2" Closed Cell Foam Insulation on Basement Walls

Open Cell Foam in Eaves, Closed Cell in Walls

Washer Box With Foam Behind

Anderson Windows, Low Pressure Foam Used to Seal

Cellulose Insulation Sprayed Over Closed Cell Foam

Geothermal Tubing Before Hooked Up